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Fernandes Ice Cream – Suriname


Fernandes Ice Cream is one of the biggest companies in the food industry from Suriname.

Energy Analysis

Solid Energy Solutions had a request for reducing the energy consumption in the factory. 

Major energy loads were spotted and recommendations for a better performance were made.

Change of the control sequence of the screw compressors and heat recuperation.

For the boiler plant the following advises were made; installation of timer, water preheating, shifting of the heating period to the hours with lower cost of electricity.

The cold room showed high infiltration rate resulting in ice built up on the evaporators.  Measures to reduce this infiltration; horizontal flow air curtain for anteroom, modification of the loading process. Further reduction of the energy consumption can be obtained by increasing the efficiency of the defrost cycle by installing defrost flaps and temperature sensor to optimize the end time of the cycle


Equipment and material supplier
Ammonia leak detection devices, frequency drives for production machines, piping materials, replacement parts for air handlers.