• Kings' Noord
    Kings' Noord
  • Horacio Oduber Hospital
    Horacio Oduber Hospital
  • Nederlandse Ambassade
    Nederlandse Ambassade

Our dedicated team, which combines experience and youthful enthousiasm, has participated in projects in Belgium, the Caribbean and South America.

Some references:

Westmalle Abbey - Belgium

Fernandes Ice Cream Suriname

Horacio Oduber Hospital - Aruba


Solid Energy Solutions cooperates with engineering and installation firms giving them technical support and consultancy.

More references:

 Newtech N.V. (Suriname):

McDonald's, Nederlandse Ambassade (Suriname), Hermitage Mall, TBL cinemas, Princess Casino, Rode Kruis Bloedbank, MRI, Integra Marine, Royal Torarica, King's Noord, Popeye’s, Nationaal Archief Suriname, BOG hospital.
Staatsolie, Fernandes Ice Cream, Telesur Transmission

CHS (Aruba):

Kooyman Megastore, SETAR, Radisson Hotel, Centro Medico Aruba


CHS (Curacao):

Orco Bank