• HVAC Systems

    HVAC systems design

    Solid Energy Solutions performs efficient system designs for commercial and industrial facilities.  In combination with state of the art controls, we seek cost-effective operation.

    For accuracy, flexibility, and quick response, we use specialized cooling load software and BIM

    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Is a work methodology that is growing worldwide in the installation field, it uses 3D virtual models for managing processes and collecting data of buildings.
    Some advantages of implementing BIM in projects are:

    • Improving the communication and understanding of projects due to the 3D views
    • Automatic generation of documents (measurements, bill of materials, installation, design parameters)
    • Integrated engineering software (heating & cooling load, piping and duct dimension, lighting)
    • Detection of interference, collisions and inconsistencies in advance
    • Continuous updating
    • Easy integration of different disciplines
    • Reduction of labor costs  

     The software we use for implementing is Autodesk Revit

  • Control Systems

    Control Systems/Cabinets


    Solid Energy Solutions designs, programs and commissions cabinets for DDC control systems.  The cabinets are built, programmed and fully tested in our facilities and send to the field.

    The control systems can be integrated in a new or existing BMS (Building Management System) and we guarantee the interoperability between components independently of the manufacturer.  

    For the assembly of the cabinets, high quality components are used for example; Siemens, Carrier, IPAS, Legrand, Vynckier, Schneider.

    Our software experience lies in using Siemens Desigo CC and Carrier i-Vu.  Integration of third party control components are done using BACnet/IP, BACnet/MSTP, Modbus RTU or TCP and KNX among others.  

    For commercial applications (hotels, offices) at the field level, using KNX for automation of light, blinds, HVAC, intrusion protection, sound systems can be favorable. The compatibility of all KNX devices for all branches is guaranteed. KNX can be integrated with BMS’s like Desigo CC and Hotel PMS’s (Hotel Property Management Systems) like Fidelio/Opera.



  • Equipment and material supply

    Equipment and material supply


    Solid Energy Solutions selects and supplies equipment, pre-assembled units and materials.

    Based on the technical specifications given by our clients we select the equipment or material needed and send it to the location of our client (worldwide). We give remote support for installation and startup.


    Pre-assembled units, like DHW (domestic hot water) modules are built in our facilities in accordance to the customer specifications, complete with control system as a plug and play unit. Only high quality components (Siemens, Alfa-laval among others) are used in these units and are fully tested before they leave our warehouse.


    We provide all materials needed for the HVAC, refrigeration and controls projects.  As a one stop shop we are the ideal partner of your purchase department.


    Contact us for any inquiry.

  • Test & Balancing

    Commissioning, Test & Balancing 


    Solid Energy Solutions starts-up HVAC installations making a Total System Balance (air, water and related control systems) to achieve full commissioning 


    Not or poorly balanced installation will give complaints and will consume more energy than needed.  Even a good designed installation only performs well after an adequate balancing.  When all the design flows (air and water) are in accordance with the design, the control parameters of the DDC can be fine-tuned and the accuracy of the controlled parameters can be checked.





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  • Energy Analysis

    Energy Analysis


    Solid Energy Solutions screens commercial and industrial installations for potential energy savings.


    HVAC account around 39% of the energy used in the commercial buildings, this fact makes of HVAC the discipline with the biggest opportunity in savings. The standard savings after an analysis varies from 10% to 20%.


    We help the client to make their products more competitive in the market by reducing the production cost.


    The analysis can be carried out at different levels in accordance to ASHRAE.

    EEM = energy efficiency measures

     O&M = operation and maintenance

  • IT equipment supply

    IT equipment supply 



    To satisfy our customers, we had added the supply of Information Technology (IT) equipment to our portfolio of services.

    Solid Energy Solutions became a DELL reseller for providing reliable equipment as a complement of the state of the art control systems which is highly integrated with IT network and equipment in buildings





Opleveren, Testen & Balanceren  

Solid Energy Solutions start HVAC-intallaties op en voert een totale balancering uit (lucht, water en regelsystemen) op zo te komen tot en volledige oplevering van de installatie.    


Niet of slecht gabalanceerde installaties kunnen klachten geven en verbruiken meer energie dan nodig.  Zelfs de best ontworpen installaties kunnen slechts goed funtioneren bij een adequate balancering.  Wanneer alle ontwerpspecificaties (lucht- en waterzijdig) gehaald worden kunnen de instelllingen van de parameters van het DDC regelsysteem verfijnd worden en kan de nauwkeurigheid van de geregelde waarden gecontroleerd worden.    





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